It’s Arrived!

It’s difficult to know quite how to greet 2020, on the one hand I had a great 2019 which makes me excited for the new decade, on the other the human race seems to be committing mass suicide, which makes me anxious. Australia is burning; it feels like fascism has gripped the world like a […]

Felicitations 2018

So it has arrived full of promise as years tend to, let’s hope we don’t fuck this one up. I hope you all had lovely Christmases; we spent ours in the wilds of Anglesey watching kite-surfers* from our window, and eating cheese: and came home to many parties. Just before midnight on Hogmanay, here, everyone […]


It’s quite delightful to be back in Blogopolis again. Over the last five years I’ve ranged around all number of other social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Pinterest…) and enjoyed all of them to various degrees, so blogging receded to a distant memory. Returning and finding many of my old friends still here has […]