I am an emerging artist whose media are photography and text, with odd found scraps occasionally thrown in. I started my creative life as a writer after stumbling on a creative writing course while studying for a degree in philosophy. This ended with me being awarded an M.Litt from the University of Glasgow. But I’ve been using a camera since 1979, and as I’ve explored and experimented with ideas, uncovered my motivation, and generally grown as a creative practitioner I have discovered a symbiotic relationship with my camera and writing. Now text and photographic image making are equal partners in my practice as I continue to search for the best way to ‘get the thing said.’

A great deal of one’s time working as an artist, emergent or otherwise I suspect, is spent alone. I’m happy with my own company for the most part, but sometimes I need to commune with other artists. I need to discuss my own ideas with people who instinctively understand, and I need to hear their ideas too, especially as regards problem solving. So I am delighted to be one of Wigtown Festival Company’s Literature Ambassadors. I get to attend and put on literary events, support emerging and established local writers, and share information about what’s going on in the Dumfries and Galloway (and greater Scottish) arts scene. I’m also lucky enough to live with a wonderful musician.

In order to try and earn a crust I set up an Etsy shop in September 2016, no one’s dropped by yet so I work on the SEO when I have time. You can find it here: Soul Geometries (I named it after a statement by Plato).

What else what might you want to know?