Tomorrow the twenty-second annual Wigtown Book Festival begins: running from 24 September to 4 October, this year’s event is entirely online, and completely free. This means anyone can attend, wherever you are in the world! They have a huge number of writers doing the standard, hour long, book festival slots whereby they discuss their latest book, read extracts, and take questions. Some of these take the form of interviews. But they are doing something new this year, too: tiny, fifteen minute, episodes called Tea & Words for people who either don’t have the time for the longer events, or just want a taste of the festival. These happen every day at 15:30 (GMT), this is what they say about them:

Settle down with a cup of something warm and listen to a 15-minute reading from one of a carefully selected group of writers. Many of them are award-winning, all of them are ground-breaking. What better way to spend your afternoon tea break?

To browse the programme, and book tickets (they’re all free but ticketed) go to their website – I’ve already ordered eighteen tickets! Once you’ve booked you’ll get an email detailing your choices, and they’ll even email you thirty minutes before your chosen event starts to remind you.

If you like books, like reading, and are interested in what writers have to say about their work this is the festival for you, and you can access the whole thing from the comfort of your couch, for free. Get your tickets here.

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