Lockdown Insanity: An Instance

Who knew beard trimmers were quite so fierce? All I wanted to do was tame some of the bulk, but I now have the haircut of a small boy who wouldn’t sit still for his mother’s blunt scissors?

Image: Pinterest

Unfortunately, in place of a cute, glowing, sharp-jawed face, I have the face I deserve. My only hope is that the weather turns icy, so I can wear a balaclava for the next few months.

In other news, my procrastinating is thriving like black mould in a damp basement flat a young mother is trying, desperately, to make habitable.

Image: Mold Removal Jacksonville

The header image is a photo of the breast pocket of my favourite white linen shirt. Yep, I’ve taken up embroidery.

Image: Gunnel Svensson (take a look at her stuff, it’s bloody gorgeous!)

In my defense I was asked to contribute to a big, collaborative art project responding to the precarity the BAME community in the United States have constantly to live with. As a member of that community, but in a lovely, safe (for the most part) country, I couldn’t say no, even though I didn’t have a flipping clue how to embroider words. So I’ve been spending my days watching ‘how to’ videos, and trying to copy them. I’ve also cut up a number of skirts to use as practice panels, including a rather lovely pink silk Marc Jacobs number, and the skirt I wore to my son’s graduation. But I knew, now I find heels too absurd for my lifestyle, I’d never wear them again.

I’ll tell you more about the art project once I’ve finished my piece, which, all going to plan, should be in the next day or two.

4 thoughts on “Lockdown Insanity: An Instance

  1. Intrigued and impatient. Smashing images as always, I love Gunnel Svenssons use of letters etc in her work. Photography, art, writing, embroidery, bread making and horticulture – can’t wait to see the results of your hairdressing foray.


    1. I love that aspect, too; I’m always delighted to find new ways to use words and letters, no article of clothing is safe in this house at the moment!
      My hair looks rather like it’s been chewed by a horse, though a friend I met in the corner shop this afternoon assured me all I need is a little bit of wax…


  2. THESE have saved me from looking like a walking bush. I might get a hat in Winter as well. My hair has been treated to trimmers and thinning scissors – it is way too thick when left to its own devices so I had to do something.
    And now I really want to embroider my calligraphy!!!


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