I should be packing – which means finishing the ironing I began yesterday.
I should be cleaning the house so our return won’t be too gruesome.
I should be going to the Post Office to bank the cheque that arrived this morning, so I have money when I get back.
I should be at least thinking about what to make for supper tonight.
I should be doing the last load of laundry, so I can pack my dressing gown and pyjamas before the day is out.
We leave the house tomorrow at five-thirty AM, and it will be a much nicer awakening if all I have left to do is throw my wash-bag into the case, zip it up, and go.

Image via Pinterest

But, instead, I’m still in my pyjamas, though I’ve been up for six hours, doing this.

In a minute I’ll put some old clothes on, fire up the iron, and get on. I’ve only got ten hours left of the day, but surely it’s enough. Maybe ironing now is bonkers, everything will get crushed in the case and have to be done again? Anyway, regardless of all that, my next post will come from somewhere in America.

See you there.

Header image: Pinterest

Published by Eryl Gasper Dick

I am an artist and writer living in southwest Scotland. I freelance as a Literature Ambassador (for Wigtown Festival Co. who run the Scottish Book Town); as a creative writing teacher; and a content provider, populating people's websites and marketing materials with perfectly honed, clear sentences. When I'm not gadding about supporting writers, lit events, businesses, and students I write fiction, non-fiction, and the odd poem. I avidly believe that creativity is the answer to the problem.

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  1. Roll don’t fold and then things shouldn’t crease so much. Well, that’s the theory. Anything I pack is always a mess at the other end, I am not a packer.
    Safe journey, Eryl!


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