Literature Ambassador 2019: Writer Opps #14

It would seem moving websites is rather like moving house, I’m still tripping over boxes, faffing about with paint-charts, and trying to find the right nook for my reading chair. My new site is still rather chaotic, the pages sparsely furnished, and probably not yet ready for visitors. I’m between two (virtual) homes. I lived here for two years rather comfortably, but eventually got fed up with its shortcomings and built myself a swish new place. All very well but it feels rather lonely over there, and I rather miss this old place’s comforting foibles and friendly neighbours. So I thought I’d pop over for a chat, and, while I’m here, share some writer opportunities in the form of my regular Wednesday post:

Christopher Doyle & Co.

Literature Ambassador: Writer Opps: From Lit Mags to Japan

Writer Opps Wednesday aims to bring you six fresh, juicy opportunities each Wednesday. This week we have, 1) a two week residency in Japan for artists of any discipline; 2) an eight week course for artists in Scotland who would like to become full-time freelance creative practitioners; 3) an all expenses paid programme for students (19-25yrs) who’d like to become film critics; 4) a brand new magazine that seems particularly concerned with creative development, and is looking for submissions from students and established writers; 5) A Publisher who Accepts Unsolicited Queries; 6) An invitation from Authors Publish Magazine to pitch articles and ebooks for which they will pay!

Zip over to my new place to see of what those opportunities consist. It would be nice to see you over there as I transition at a snail’s pace.

3 thoughts on “Literature Ambassador 2019: Writer Opps #14

  1. Indeed, is very comfy! My Loopy Letters blog was on .org, and it felt clunky and hard work by comparison – all the flipping updates etc. I was on a very cheap third party hosting platform, so the site kept crashing. If I ever decide to do again I won’t be such a cheapskate, but I’m so comfy where I am that I doubt I’ll move again.
    Miss you here, to be honest 🙂


    1. I think I’m faintly bamboozled by all the options on .org, do I want my titles to fly in and change colour from orange to Egyptian blue before settling down to a more readable indigo? How about a background of papier mâché ducks on a crushed velvet lake? I end up exhausted before writing a word. But I must persist now I’ve spent all that money! X

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      1. It’s okay once you get the hang of it. Mr Blue is a bit of an expert, so if you ever have any questions he might be able to help. I ended up with the white screen of death on numerous occasions! You’ll be okay if you’ve got the proper hosting – I was using a spare domain that belonged to Mr Blue, so it was free…. but it didn’t really work very well!

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