Literature Ambassador: 2019 Writer Opps #10

Writer Opps Wednesday’s Pah Dah...!

Scotland’s International Poetry Prize, open to all Based in Scotland’s National Book Town, for over a decade Wigtown Poetry Competition has become one of the UK’s best established writing prizes and a launchpad for many writers’ careers. Refreshed and rebranded in 2019, Wigtown Poetry Prize welcomes entries from poets writing in English wherever they may live. Separate categories celebrate the best of Scottish Gaelic and Scots language poetry, a special category acknowledges a rising talent in Dumfries & Galloway, and a new pamphlet prize is named in memory of Alastair Reid – local poet and one of Scotland’s foremost literary figures. The competition closes on 7 June 2019, with a prize-giving at Wigtown Book Festival in the autumn. We hope to see you there

For the rest go here.

Enter your film to The Skinny’s new short film showcase

We want to celebrate the best of Scotland’s emerging filmmaking talent, so we’re launching The CineSkinny on Tour. We’re looking for short films to be part of this new showcase; to enter your short film, read on…

If you have a short film (15 minutes max) you made in Scotland with a Scottish team, why not apply? Closing date 13 April.

Joan Miró: Metamorphosis, 1936


Southlight magazine celebrates changing with an on-line one month long publication as part of Luminate Festival of Creative Ageing. Send us your short porse, poetry, book or film reviews, photographs, art-work about profound changes in life histories from one stage to the next. Think pupa to butterfly; grape to wine; yeast and wheat to bread; selkies; Kafka’s beetle; Woolf’s Orlando; Greek myths.

Email your contributions as MS Word or Rich Text Format – jpegs for images – with your name in the file title – to

And if inspiration doesn’t strike visit our Facebook page for daily prompts from April 31.

It’s just possible that you have been invited to speak about your book in another country, but can’t afford to get there. If that is so, and you live in Scotland, this should be just what you need:


Scottish Books International works on behalf of the literature sector in Scotland and is dedicated to the international promotion of books, writers, festivals and organisations.


This fund has been established by Scottish Books International to support writers who have been invited overseas to promote their work.

The types of things that this fund will support include:

•Invitations to be part of an event at a literary festival or literature or cultural organisation.

•Trips for publicity events to support publication of a work.

•Invitations for authors to present their work as part of trade fairs or conferences.

•Invitations to a residency or creative exchange overseas, where support for travel costs is required. Support for fees or ongoing expenses as part of residency opportunities can not be supported due to the limits of the fund.

There is of course much more on this on the Scottish Books International website.

Lastly I found this great blog for women writers, it has tons of competitions and whatnot for us gals, why not pour a glass of something and go over and take a look?

Header image: Biagio Cepollaro. Found here.

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