Literature Ambassador: 2019 Writer Opps #9

Writer Opps Wednesday today brings you an Emerging Writers Contest; a Screenplay Writers Contest; a link to a great site that lists 33 children’s book publishers looking for submissions; a magazine looking for submissions on three themes, and an acoustic music festival delighted to welcome spoken word performers, poets, storytellers, anyone, in fact, with text based art they can perform to add to, and enrich, the music.

The Ploughshares Emerging Writer’s Contest

The Emerging Writer’s contest is open from March 1, 2019 at noon EST until May 15, 2019 at noon EST.
Since 1971, Ploughshares has been committed to promoting the work of up-and-coming writers. Over the years, Ploughshares has helped launch the careers of great writers like Edward P. Jones, Sue Miller, Mona Simpson, Tim O’Brien, and many more. 
In the spirit of the journal’s founding mission, the Ploughshares Emerging Writer’s Contest recognizes work by an emerging writer in each of three genres: fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. One winner in each genre per year will receive $2,000 and publication in the literary journal.  We consider authors “emerging” if they haven’t published or self-published a book.
To submit, see our guidelines. The 2019 contest judges are Ottessa Moshfegh (Fiction), Leslie Jamison (Nonfiction), and Fatimah Asghar (Poetry). The winners will also receive a conversation with our partnering literary agency, Aevitas Creative Management, regarding their work and writing careers.

The competition is open to you, regardless of where in the world you live. Go to their site for all the details and the link to the submissions form.

Have you ever written a screenplay, are you writing one now, perhaps? If so this may be just the award for you:

I know nothing about screenwriting, but I can tell you this is open to anyone with a screenplay who hasn’t managed to make the jump to professional, and you can live anywhere in the world to apply. It’s not cheap, but it may be just what you need to kickstart your screenwriting career. Go here for all the details, and for the submissions link.

Authors Publish, a wonderful resource for writers everywhere, has published a list of

33 Children’s Book Publishers Seeking Picture Books

Here’s one example to whet your appetite:

Nosy Crow is a UK-based publisher of children’s books and apps aimed at children. They accept international submissions from all over, but everyone outside of the UK must submit via email (which is their preferred method of submission). They have wide distribution within the UK. The books they published are aimed at children up to the age of 14, although the bulk of what they publish is for children under the age of 12. The young adult books that they do publish are not issue-based, and should not involve drugs, sex, or violence. Most of the apps they publish are aimed at kids between the ages of 2 to 7.

If you write children’s books it will be well worth your while dropping in to see what they have that might suit your needs.

Image from here.

Thema is a lit journal that pays for stories, poems, and artwork that relates to a given theme. And they are currently open for submissions, about which they say:

Upcoming premises (target themes) and deadlines for submission [postmarked]:

The Clumsy Gardener [July 1, 2019]
What a Strange Question! [November 1, 2019]
Not of this World [March 1, 2020]


NOTE: Previously published pieces are welcome, provided that the submission fits the theme and that the author owns the copyright.

The premise (target theme) must be an integral part of the plot, not necessarily the central theme but not merely incidental. Fewer than 20 double-spaced typewritten pages preferred. Indicate premise (target theme) on title page. Be sure to Indicate target theme in cover letter or on first page of manuscript. Include self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) with each submission. Rejected manuscripts unaccompanied by an SASE will not be returned. Response time: 3 months after premise deadline.  NO READER’S FEE.

Mail to: THEMA, Box 8747, Metairie, LA 70011-8747.

Outside the US: email

On acceptance for publication, we will pay the following amount: short story, $25; short-short piece (up to 1000 words), $10; poem, $10; artwork, $25 for cover, $10 for interior page display.

I really like that they give a long term list. I am a super slow writer, and need time to get a story up to scratch, so providing the premises such a long way in advance allows me to work at my own pace. Go to the site to find out more and to submit.

Finally we have an opportunity for poets and storytellers to mix with musicians, and perform their work in pubs all over Moffat.

This is in my hometown, and I keep trying to get more spoken word performers to come along. It’s a slightly wild weekend of music and booze that welcomes all levels of players and writers, from competent learners who feel it’s time to test their skills in front of an audience, to virtuosos who aren’t driven doolally by less than perfect timing. The only thing we really ask of participants is a little respect for their peers: one tune/song/poem/story at a time; allow whoever’s turn it is to shine – not every song is enhanced by your instrument – and listen. I’ll be dropping in and out, clutching my stories and poems, hoping to see other writers. If you’d like to come, but feel a bit too shy to present yourself to a bar full of musicians (and I can understand that) drop me a line and we can arrange to meet. Here’s the Facebook page where you’ll find lots of pictures of past Rammies.

That, then, is your list of opportunities for this week. Hope at least one of them is just what you’ve been waiting for. If you decide to try for one or more of them please let me know in the comments, so I can wish you good luck!


Header image: of William Faulkner’s office from Oprah.

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