Literature Ambassador: 2019 Writer Opps #7

Writer Opps Wednesday is thrilled to deliver to your very own eyes a gender-bending Feminist publisher who accepts unsolicited manuscripts; an online lit mag, with an unconventional view of categorization, calling for submissions; a link to five more magazines in need of poems and stories to fill their pages; and an opportunity for creative practitioners to run workshops for the Edinburgh International Festival.

aunt lute

The Aunt Lute Foundation is a multicultural women’s press. The priority of our staff is to publish work by women, both transgender and cisgender, not traditionally served by mainstream publishers, particularly works by women of color. Our editing process is necessarily sensitive to the perspectives/voices/truths of the women with whom we work.

What we’re looking for:

We seek manuscripts, both fiction and nonfiction, by women from a variety of cultures, ethnic backgrounds and subcultures; women who are self-aware and who, in the face of all contradictory evidence, are still hopeful that the world can reserve a place of respect for each woman in it. We seek work that explores the specificities of the worlds from which we come and examines the intersections of the borders that we all inhabit.

We do not accept:

Currently, we only accept poetry if it is submitted as part of a larger body of work or an edited anthology.

We generally do not consider, given our particular readership, works about therapy or self-help.

For more details and how to submit go to aunt lute.

Storyscape Literary Journal

We’re so excited you want to submit to Storyscape. The premise of the journal is to expand the notion of what stories are while shaking up the labels we use to define them.
Rather than categorize by type of story (we accept all types of stories), the three sections of the journal are Truth, Untruth, and We Don’t Know and They Won’t Tell Us. Because we believe stories are lurking everywhere, we are actively looking for unique modes of storytelling that fall outside conventional boundaries while still maintaining the core essence of “story.” Then again, we’re also open to a traditional story that’s simply very well told.
We get excited about genre-bending stories of all genres, but also all storytelling methods, i.e., written, audio, visual, found, overheard, and anything else you can think of. If you were wondering if you should submit a photograph of the poem you scrawled in sharpie ink on top of a ripped up advertisement in the subway, the answer is probably yes. Or, you could just send us the poem you wrote. Get it?
A TIP: things that are funny makes us laugh
BUT ALSO: things that are sad make us cry.
We read submissions on a rolling basis throughout the year, though our reading gets slower right around our publication times. We publish twice per year: roughly in the fall and spring.

Go over to Storyscape for all the details and submission guidelines.

If neither of those seem suitable for you, or you merely want to see even more opportunities, I suggest you visit the ever marvellous Authors Publish where you’ll find five more journals who would love to read your work. They may even publish it and, you know, they can only do that if you send it to them.

Nicked from Pinterest

Freelance Artists, Practitioners and Workshop Leaders

Are you a creative practitioner who relies on teaching to make a buck? If so this may well be just what you need: the Edinburgh International Festival is actively seeking creatives with experience of leading workshops. Here’s what they say:

The Edinburgh International Festival Learning & Engagement team is looking to expand its portfolio of freelance artists, practitioners and workshop leaders.  Our Learning & Engagement programme runs year-round, and during the festival, working across artform with workshops and projects created for and with children, young people, communities and to invest in talent development.  
We are looking to hear from inspiring and innovative artists.  We are keen to connect with artists from ALL artforms, experienced in, and passionate about sharing and applying their practice in workshops, and on longer term bespoke engagement projects.  It is essential to have previous experience working with young people and or community groups in an arts education context, and to bring best practice to workshops and preparation.
Our work is inspired by the Edinburgh International Festival values and programme, and we annually present a world leading programme of Opera, Dance, Classical Music, Contemporary Music and Theatre.

And here’s a link to the page on their site which explains how to apply.

Tune in next Wednesday for more Writer Opps Wednesday finds.

Header image: Samuel Beckett’s notebook, from the wonderful Brain Pickings.

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