Literature Ambassador: 2019 Writer Opps #5

It’s Writer Opps Wednesday, and here is my pick* of the opportunities I’ve discovered in the last week or so. All are available to writers in Scotland, some are also international, I’ve provide links to the websites for all of them so you can decide which, if any, is for you.

The Berlin Writing Prize

The 2019 Berlin Writing Prize is now open for submissions! Until the closing date of June 30, 2019, we invite entries on the theme “The Circus” from both published and unpublished writers resident anywhere in the world.

Up for grabs is a one-month residency in a luxury apartment in one of the world’s most creative destinations for travellers, Berlin’s Circus Hotel. From January 4th to February 3rd 2020, the winning author will have a month to write, a free four-day pass to The British Council Germany’s Literary Seminar, and access to the famously inspiring Berliner Luft!

The above came straight from their website, to which you should go if you want to know more.

Poster: Louis Gaudin (1882-1936)

The submission window for Issue 20 of

is now open and will remain so until 15 April 2019. See the submissions page on their site for all the details. This is one of the few literary magazines that pay, so it’s well worth giving them a go.

There still aren’t a huge number of opportunities for writers of very short fiction, in the UK at least, so it’s nice to find a competition just for us. The theme is Spring, the deadline is 20 March 2019, the fee is €10. If you think that sounds just the ticket, find out all the details on their site.


Now here is a mentoring award for short story writers in Scotland!

From The Bridge Awards (this is taken straight from the site):

Short Story Mentoring Award

Cherise Saywell Bridge Awards portrait

The Bridge Awards are delighted to announce a new award for short story writers. The award will be comprised of a short mentoring package with author Cherise Saywell. This is a great opportunity for an emerging short-story writer to develop his/her craft and to work with an experienced writer and mentor.

Cherise is a novelist and short-story writer. She was born and brought up in Australia and has lived in Scotland since 1996. She has published two novels, Desert Fish (2011) and Twitcher (2013) (both Vintage, Australia). Cherise won the Pindrop Short Story Award in 2017, the Mslexia Short Story Prize in 2015 and the V.S. Pritchett prize in 2003. Her short stories have appeared in Mslexia, The London Magazine and New Writing Scotland, and in numerous anthologies including A Short Affair (Simon and Schuster) and Waving at the Gardener (Bloomsbury). Her story ‘Pieces of Mars Have Fallen to Earth’ was selected for BBC Radio 4’s Opening Lines programme in 2015.

Currently, Cherise is the Royal Literary Fund Fellow at Strathclyde University. She has worked as a Fellow at Stirling University, and she has taught and supervised creative writing students at Stirling University and Newcastle University. She is accredited as a Consultant Fellow by the Royal Literary Fund and runs writing workshops in universities around Scotland, as well as for the RLF Bridge Programme, in schools. She lives in Edinburgh with her partner and their two children and is working on her third novel.

To be eligible for the award, you must be a writer living and working in Scotland, and you must not have previously published a novel or a collection of short stories.

To enter your work for the award, please send the following to

A 1000 word sample of your work as either an Adobe PDF document or a Microsoft Word document. (.doc or docx) Please put the title of your story as the file name. Your work will be judged anonymously so your name should not appear anywhere on this document. Work should be double-spaced and in size 12 font.

A separate document containing your name, contact details and story title, as well as a short summary of your writing experience and achievements to date. This will be read if your work makes it to the shortlist stage.

We look forward to reading your work and best of luck!


Full details on the website – you’ll have to scroll down a bit, but as you do so you’ll find lots of other possible opportunities, so it’s well worth it.

Do ask if you have any questions about any of these opportunities, I’ll do my best to answer, and if you decide to take advantage of any of them please let me know so I can root for you!

*Like most lists of this kind it’s not definitive, I rely on the organisers putting the information out into the world in such a way that it lands in my inbox or social media feed.

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