Back in the 90s the writers of Dumfries and Galloway had regular gatherings in the form of the Writers’ Free For All. This was a place writers could discuss their current projects, share their work, and generally give and receive support. I didn’t live here then, but I’ve heard other writers in the region talk about it with hushed reverence, and felt sad it fell by the wayside. But, thanks to Stuart Paterson, a poet who has recently returned to the region, and The Stove Network, the Free for All is back. This is what Stuart says about it:

Next Friday, the 11th, sees the resurrection of D&G’s famed Writers’ Free For All. Previously held in the 1990s in Orchardton House, it will now take place in The Stove & offers a great opportunity for writers from throughout the region to meet, blether, read, drink & share ideas. It’s free, there will be wine or you can BYOB, bring books, stories, poems, monologues, songs, yourself. Young, old, in-between, published, non-published – all are more than welcome. Starts around 6.30, ends when we say it ends! Hope you can make it!

I will be there, both as a writer who could use a little writerly company, and as one of the Scottish Book Town Literature Ambassadors. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Published by Eryl Gasper Dick

I am an artist and writer living in southwest Scotland. I freelance as a Literature Ambassador (for Wigtown Festival Co. who run the Scottish Book Town); as a creative writing teacher; and a content provider, populating people's websites and marketing materials with perfectly honed, clear sentences. When I'm not gadding about supporting writers, lit events, businesses, and students I write fiction, non-fiction, and the odd poem. I avidly believe that creativity is the answer to the problem.

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    1. You should, they are almost always incredibly supportive. And anyway your writing’s great so you have nothing to fear even if you happen to join the only writing group in the region seething with bullies. I’ve always loved being part of writing groups, when I didn’t have to run them. X

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