Literature Ambassador: 2019 Writer Opps #1

This looks like a great opportunity for short story story writers, especially those in England who can also get a bursary, though I’d say it’s worth applying whichever part of the UK you live.


Word Factory Apprentice Award Application

The National Mentoring Scheme For Short Story Writers

We are seeking four emerging short story writers to be individually mentored by leading authors for FREE as part of our renowned Word Factory Apprentice Award running from July 2019-March 2020.

The chosen writers will be talented, supportive of our inclusive ethos and willing to participate in our activities. They will have access to our events and masterclasses — a programme offering creative inspiration, writer development and collaboration between leading and emerging writers.


  • Be invited to read their work with their mentor at a special Word Factory event in London.
  • Receive free membership to the Society of Authors.
  • Become part of the distinguished Word Factory Apprentice Award alumnae. Previous winners have achieved industry recognition including publication with independent and mainstream publishers such as Salt and Faber; awards and shortlistings including the Guardian…

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4 thoughts on “Literature Ambassador: 2019 Writer Opps #1

    1. I’m sure you would pronounce it very differently from me, I recently heard an American artist say the word assemblage and it took me some seconds to work out what he was talking about.
      Worth checking out bursaries for your daughters’ college aspirations, there are thousands of obscure ones out there.


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