For the Poets

The Rialto is one of those literary magazines that poets strive to get into, it’s the writer’s equivalent of the Royal Albert Hall. You know you’ve made it, if only for a season, if they accept your work. And they have a pamphlet competition which anyone can enter, all you need is about twenty (perfect) poems. I had some notion of entering this year, but the deadline is looming and I still don’t have enough work that’s good enough. Maybe next year. But you, you may very well have just the right number of finished poems, so why not give it a go, you have nothing to lose but a little bit of time and the entrance fee of £22? 


The Rialto invites you to enter our 2018 pamphlet competition, with the chance of getting published in our award-winning pamphlet series.


Poets on the shortlist of 10 will each get a paragraph of feedback. The winner and 3 others will have a poem published in The Rialto. All shortlisted poets will have a poem published on our website.

Deadline: Monday 31 December 2018

Judge: Richard Scott

I have been meaning to do a post on this for about two months, but it kept getting sidelined by other things, so apologies for that. You still have time. I copied both the header image and the information above straight from their website as a taster, but to find out more here’s the link to the rest: ta da! 

9 thoughts on “For the Poets

      1. I do play with paint a little, and am very fond of oils for their slow drying time and the smell of turps, which I love! But I don’t have the time to properly work things out. Sometimes I wish I didn’t need to sleep so I could do all my writing and writing related stuff at night, and paint during the day when the light’s good.

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      2. I hear that! I wish I did not need so much sleep! Get’s in the way of me making things 😉 I love oils too, but I find the wet paint has mysterious ways of ending up in places I would rather they did not!

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