Reasons to be Cheerful

I am grateful* for many things – beef dripping; Edward Enninful’s steerage of British Vogue; the word ‘plank’… – but today I am particularly grateful for sandwiches.

On Tuesday afternoon I got an iMessage from a much loved friend asking if D and I would like to go to her house on Wednesday, at five, for pre gig sandwiches and drinks. This alerted me that Wednesday was the night. I’d known it was coming up, and that I wanted to go, but hadn’t yet bought a ticket, so had left it drifting on the edge of my consciousness. Now it was back in the centre. But that’s only the beginning of the great sandwich impact…

D hadn’t wanted to go to the gig because it was bluegrass, which he says is too cheery for such a grump as he. But unable to resist the lure of egg and cress he came along to the buffet with the intention of returning home when we left for the venue. The musicians themselves, Betse Ellis and Clarke Wyatt,** were there, as were a sizeable number of our Moffat pals, and whether it was the company, those tiny triangles of delight, the beer, or a combination of them all, he decided to come to the show. Which was the best possible outcome because it was wonderful, and one always wants to share wonder with the person one loves.

And reader, he liked it so much he bought a CD.

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*Thanks to Scarlet for posting a photo of a page in her journal where she lists three things she is grateful for, and thus providing me with an opening into the subject of this post.

**Go and see them if you get the chance, they were utterly mesmerising. My ancient iPhone isn’t quite up to conveying that truth.

4 thoughts on “Reasons to be Cheerful

  1. Personally I always enjoy live music in cosy venues (don’t get to that much) even if it’s not my type. Sometimes having low expectations helps one to have an enjoyable evening too. 🙂 Glad you and especially D had such a good time.


    1. Me too, and I am extremely lucky to be able to do that fairly often. The hotel the gig was in lets us use the room for free because they do good business in the bar, so it means bringing musicians here is risk free as long as they agree to accept the revenue from ticket sales as payment.

      Low or, better, no expectations is definitely the way to go! I now know not to go and see films, for example, that everyone eulogises about, and never to read reviews before seeing anything.

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      1. Sounds like an arrangement that works well for all concerned. As far as films go, by now I’ve got it down to a fine art as to what I like and don’t waste good money any more. 🙂

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