News from Wigtown: Two Weeks to Go!

I’ve already said this, and I don’t think it can be said too often: the Wigtown Book Festival is twenty years old this year, and it’s set to be a tremendous event. The team have worked their little cottons right off to make this year an über festive jamboree of literary joy; there’s even have a campsite for that authentic festival feel. So if you’re a book lover why not treat yourself to the literary equivalent of Paris fashion week in one of the most beguiling regions in the country? It’s not too late to snap up a ticket or ten! Here’s a hint of what you’ll find:


4 thoughts on “News from Wigtown: Two Weeks to Go!

  1. Best wishes for Wigtown Book Festival. ❤ Here we're in the middle of the 4-day WAM Writers' Festival (Write Around the Murray) in its 12th year! Murray refers to the Murray River. These festivals bring such a buzz, meeting favourite authors, which I will do today at an event I'm attending and seeing other book-a-holics/ aspiring writers also present. 🙂


    1. The session was wonderful, thank you with the journalist/memoirist having done an excellent job of researching the two authors she interviewed. Best luck with the weather and attendance at Wigtown Festival.


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