London Notes #14

I began this post a week ago, left it to incubate – couldn’t quite get the tone right – and in the panic to make the most of our last few days didn’t quite get back to it. So here it is, incomplete and with its not-right tone still intact…

D loves Indonesian food, it was one of the things he most looked forward to about our visit to Amsterdam a few years ago, so I decided to search for Indonesian street food here. That led me to Deptford Bites, a Saturday street food market. Deptford isn’t far from Blackheath (just over two miles), and we briefly entertained walking, but the weather was iffy, so we took the train to New Cross and walked up to Deptford Market Yard from there. It took less than ten minutes.

Deptford Bites is a new Saturday market, which runs alongside the regular market – described in 1890 as ‘The Oxford Street of South London’ by Charles Booth – and provides an interesting juxtaposition, like dressing the queen in Prada.

The regular market is huge, and sells everything from knock off Nikes to live lobsters, from bric-a-brac to waxed, block printed fabric.


(Five, or was it six? yards of densely woven printed cotton for seven quid! I didn’t buy any because I couldn’t pick one.)

The new market seemed a bit fey in comparison, it was all pop-up bars and vegan snack bowls. Which doesn’t mean it wasn’t very nice to be there.

Coconut, Rum, Slushy.

I’m guessing it’s a result of young aspirational people moving into an area that’s still (just) affordable, in a city that is squeezing out everyone who isn’t super wealthy.

Daily Observation

A coconut rum slushy is a very delicious thing!



6 thoughts on “London Notes #14

  1. “Dirty Deptford” we used to call it. A friend whose family had lived there for donkeys years reckoned Hitler’s Luftwaffe were rubbish…”night after bleedin’ night and they still bleedin’ missed!”


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