London Notes #10

Saturday: I forgot to take any photos of the artist at P21 Gallery in King’s Cross making a huge, interactive, calligraphy on a red garage door. Or of bustling Kilburn High Road, where we went next, but zillions of the interior of Folkies, a music shop on that road:

Folkies Back Room Handmade

Oud on a Chair

But my camera brain jammed again and I forgot to take any pictures of the delicious Burmese meal we ate that evening in the Mandalay Golden Myanmar with some of my family who came to meet us. Thankfully my cousin Glenn got one of most of us in a pub for pre dinner drinks.


Cousin Bill from California; my brother, Eugene; my sister, Angela; her husband, Paul; me; niece Lois; D.

Sunday: mostly read in the garden, but tripped to the farmers market for good tomatoes, more cheese, and a pretty marvellous pork pie.

Market Lunch

I’ll try and be a bit more verbose tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “London Notes #10

  1. I’m thoroughly enjoying this travel log. I wish I had the freedom and the capital for this sort of thing but I don’t so I’ll live it through you. Was your niece a fish out of water there? She is the soul member of her generation at the table.


    1. Oddly she wasn’t, she had been to the Tottenham match with my brother and the two male cousins that day! Her brother and his girlfriend came later too, and they all join in with us oldies quite happily.

      This kind of freedom seems only to come with age (responsibilities all dealt with) or lots of money. You’ll find your freedom will come with a rush; I still can’t quite believe I’ve made it to this age and state!


  2. What gorgeous instruments! I’m so skint right now that like, Mark, I’m living through your travelogue and enjoying it immensely! I’m also taking notes about places to visit! xoxo


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