London Notes #8

I wrote this post last night then forgot to publish it! But that’s fine as I haven’t written anything today, I went to an aunt’s for lunch with my sister, and D braved the big city by himself. I’ll try and resume normal service tomorrow!

Decided to return to Greenwich for a deeper explore, to see inside the Queen’s House, and to walk under the Thames to the other side.  As it’s outstandingly late, and I have to be up early tomorrow, I’m going to let the pictures tell the story.

Dancing Mustachios
Part of the Richard Wright art work that covers the ceiling and part of the walls in the main hall of the Queen’s House at the National Maritime Museum. It reminds me of Mirö and asemic writing, and moustaches.
Looking down at the marvellous tiled floor of the Queen’s House, from the internal balcony.
Nelson in marble, by Franz Thaller and Mattias Ranson. According to the blurb this bust is based on a plaster cast taken directly from his face when he was in Vienna in 1800.
This is painted/written on one of the windowsills.
I assume closet has taken on a different meaning, and that the king didn’t retire to a cupboard to write.
Galileo –pear-wood sculpture by Giovanni Battista Foggini, C17th.**

Oil Painting

I should have noted the name of the artist*, but didn’t, though I think this was only made last year. I found it one of the most interesting paintings in the collection, it references classical art (this photo is only a small part of the whole), especially, I think, Hieronymus Bosh, to tell of the current plight of migrants. That it was in a room filled with paintings of royalty impressed me massively; kudos to the National Maritime Museum for including it!

We went to a place called Honest Burgers for lunch; I’d forgotten how good a burger can be. After which we walked along the Greenwich foot tunnel to the Isle of Dogs before making our way back home.

Greenwich from the Isle of Dogs
Looking across the Thames from the Isle of Dogs.

*Update: the painting is called Ship of Fools, and is by Kehinde-Wiley. Thanks to blogger and pal Ravenhare for knowing and sharing this info.

**Thanks to Dinah at moreidlethoughts for this.

10 thoughts on “London Notes #8

  1. Galileo is a pearwood sculpture by Giovanni Battista Foggini, C17th
    Thank you for a lovely “return trip” to one of my favourite places that I didn’t make time for on my last visit.


  2. Isle of Dogs! I had a friend who’s parents lived there in the 70’s and have memories of shabby environment peopled by joyful and open folk. I suspect it’s muchly changed.

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