London Notes #5

This is the life:

Wake slowly beside lovely new husband who goes to make tea and bring it back to bed.
Get up to find the cat has finally eaten; refill her bowl.
Have a leisurely breakfast before strolling over the heath to the village and farmers market, find a secondhand bookshop along the way – don’t linger but note its stock, prices, and location – pick up delicious things for supper at the market which, unlike the farmers market in Moffat, has piles of fresh, organic fruit and vegetables.

Farmers Market Haul

Pop into a charity shop and find a shirt I had to talk myself out of buying new a couple of weeks ago, in perfect condition and my preferred size for a quarter of the price; buy it.

Amble home via the local, drink delicious beer, talk to friendly people about the current popularity of miniature dachshunds. Brush the cat. Cook. Work a little. Eat.

Do this.

Daily Observation

I’m afraid I may get used to this!

Here are some photos from the last few days; I finally relented and manually uploaded them from my phone, which still isn’t talking to my computer.

Garden Wildlife
Our lawn is a magnet for wood pigeons.
A Look at London
D and his pals take in the view from Greenwich park.
The chapel at the Old Royal Naval College.
Chapel Ceiling
The ceiling.
The Last Tea Clipper
The Cutty Sark.
River Boat
These flowers were growing in the garden of the house we stayed at for our wedding, and D used one for his buttonhole. What is it?
Dave and the Tree
A splendid pair.

Header image is of part of the Old Royal Naval College, and one of the most sought after film locations in England, apparently. And we were told that the film crew of Pirates of the Caribbean were monstrously rude to the students and staff.

7 thoughts on “London Notes #5

  1. Sounds like you’re having a great time, and I’m so enjoying the daily updates.
    That flower is whispering valerian in my head, but I’m really not sure as I can’t see it well enough. Just a thought, or please can you get more close ups to post! 🤗 xx


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