London Notes #2

We woke this morning to the kind of rain that breaks windows, and it hasn’t stopped for a second. So I took the opportunity of this house-binding (after working in the morning) to iron all my suitcase crushed clothes with the posh iron in the (dedicated) laundry room.

Daily Observation #2

Money may not buy love, but it does buy gloriously crease free shirts, and rather a lot of time. I ironed all the clothes I brought with me (except the ones I’m wearing) in less time than it does to do a tea-towel at home, and they now look like I sent them to Phoebe Philo’s  laundry. Even my red silk shirt, which is such a pain in the arse to iron I don’t bother to wear it anymore, looks like it’s about to go on display in the V&A. I think I’ll have to start saving. Not just for the iron but for the space to keep/use it.

Now, please excuse me, I have to go and vacuum cat hair off the stairs with a machine* that weighs a tenth of mine and sucks twice as hard.

Header image from Pinterest.

*If I’m not careful I’ll spend this entire trip playing with domestic appliances.

6 thoughts on “London Notes #2

  1. Ironing. Not an Olympic sport.Something I only do when needed.Well, it seems pointless to me to spend time dashing away with a smoothing iron…then hanging the smoothed items in a crowded closet and having to repeat the performance when you want to wear them.


  2. Country singer Chris Jensen has a great song about how money can’t buy happiness but it can buy him a boat and a new truck to pull it and some new fishing rods.

    Money can’t buy everything
    Well, maybe so,
    But it could buy me a boat


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