So it has arrived full of promise as years tend to, let’s hope we don’t fuck this one up.

I hope you all had lovely Christmases; we spent ours in the wilds of Anglesey watching kite-surfers* from our window, and eating cheese:

Rhosneigr Bay

and came home to many parties.

Just before midnight on Hogmanay, here, everyone gathers in the town square for fireworks, this year they were particularly good:

Moffat Hogmanay Fireworks

And that’s about all I’ve got to say at the moment, except:

Happy New Year to all of you! XXX


*they must have gone for lunch when I took this shot!

Published by Eryl Gasper Dick

I am an artist and writer living in southwest Scotland. I freelance as a Literature Ambassador (for Wigtown Festival Co. who run the Scottish Book Town); as a creative writing teacher; and a content provider, populating people's websites and marketing materials with perfectly honed, clear sentences. When I'm not gadding about supporting writers, lit events, businesses, and students I write fiction, non-fiction, and the odd poem. I avidly believe that creativity is the answer to the problem.

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    1. I believe you’re having abominable weather over there, I hope it’s not causing you any problems.

      That was one of those lucky shots, I’d been photographing a gig in one of the hotels – so I had my eye in – and, with my camera still round my neck, came out to snow. It’s the pic that got me my April exhibition, too, so it just keeps on giving!

      Happy New Year to you, the Wife, and your girls, X


      1. I simply HAVE to get a camera. The phone is convenient and fast, but if you’re at all interested in quality photography, you need a proper camera.

        New Jersey is a frozen, barren wasteland. It feels like we’re being punished, but I can’t connect the sin.


      2. I agree to an extent, but I’ve seen some amazing, creative photography done with phones – framing and composition are the biggies. That said, I’d kill for a huge format camera, and a dark-room.

        Fingers crossed it warms up soon.


  1. Now that I’m a blogger 🙂 I’ve dug out my old digital camera, and enjoy keeping memories of places I go when sharing them on my blog. Brings a whole new energy to life!


    1. That’s nice to hear, I find taking photos of the places I go somehow helps me to see them better, and it’s great to share and look back. We get to create our own memories by focussing on the things that mean something to us.

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