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I’ve had the WordPress app on my phone for years (and have barely used it) but I only discovered there’s one for computers today. Curious, I mean why might it be necessary? I downloaded it, and can’t see any difference between it, and the web version other than a nice white W in a blue circle next to ‘System Preferences’ in my dock, and its lack of spell-checking. If you have any ideas about the point of it do let me know, I’m sure to be missing something.

Last week was slightly hectic with meetings and that ‘oh my god the year’s nearly over and I haven’t…’ feeling that leads to panic activity – like buying a new car, don’t ask! – and this week is set to be no less so. Tomorrow we’re off to Edinburgh to see the Dancer of Everything (AKA our granddaughter); Tuesday I have a lot of paperwork to deal with; Wednesday another meeting, and Thursday we’re off to Anglesy to celebrate Christmas at the beach. I’d do everything at the beach if I could – sleep, eat, write, pickle beetroot, you name it – I once bought a 1975 VW Campervan so I could drive round the whole coast of this island, but unfortunately it was so dilapidated it barely got me to Sainsbury’s and after four years of trying to get it roadworthy I gave up. Now I’m stuck in in a dingy valley miles from the smell of ozone. Which reminds me have you seen this:

Smell map of Edinburgh
English artist Kate McLean’s Sensory Maps project.

It’s a smell map of Edinburgh, and one of several Kate McLean has made over the last seven (?) years. I find it utterly fascinating for many reasons, including that I’m very far from home in a place that smells nothing like it, and I’m particularly sensitive to smell. For example, the current trend for overpowering laundry detergent just about kills me, I’ve had to walk out of lectures because of it, and used to be driven out of my own garden, when I had a garden, by my neighbour’s use of it. Why this need to drown everything in stinking chemicals? Anyway, one of McLean’s areas of enquiry is the smell of ‘home.’ From silage to diesel, ozone to brick dust, what is the olfactory cocktail that tells you you are home? Until I read about her work I always assumed it was the tone of the light in south-east England (much bluer than here) that told me I was home, but now I think the smells of Victoria Station, sun warmed old brick, ozone, newly cut grass (in England, even that smells different here), Chinese restaurants, English chip shops, idling busses all add to that sense of belonging. Also rain on a hot day. Flowering lime trees. Roast chicken (organic). Coffee. Baking bred. A chocolate cake just out the oven, it’s top faintly burnt. Nam Pla. Burning coal…

Once I was idly browsing in a junk shop when I opened an old powder compact to find it smelt exactly like my mother’s face; I was instantly 12 years old again.

I expect I’ll riff on this for quite some time, but what smells spell home to you?

9 thoughts on “WordPress the App

  1. I’ve used the mobile app for awhile, and really appreciate it. One of my jobs entails a lot of driving. So I find myself dictating to my phone, usually having to stop to fix all of the errors and missed words. What’s the use!?! Oh, I don’t know what I’d do without spellcheck, carry a dictionary?

    I love the map! 😀 I’d never seen anything like it! Your list of organic scents are definitely preferable. For me, my sense of smell is marginal, in recent years. I’m not sure why.

    Since my daughters have gone out into the world, I’ve inherited the cats, of course. I have a good friend I need to ask if the apartment smells too much like litter. 🙂 That’s probably more that I’m adjusted to the environment and just don’t notice.

    The smell of the sea does give me a sense of peace and a bit of excitement. Someone mentioned to me that the sound of the waves become sorrowful, after a time. I understand the concept but feel it mostly soothing, contemplative.

    Maybe the smell of some closets bring me home.

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    1. I’m glad you like the map, I had wondered what you’d think.
      You may have a mild sinus infection; I say this because I have a friend who had little sense of smell (or taste as the two are linked) for years, and a year or so ago had to take antibiotics for some other infection and suddenly found her senses of smell and taste returned. It turned out she’d had an underlying bacterial infection and the antibiotics cured it. It could be worth checking out.

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      1. Interesting! I had no idea that a sinus infection could run for such a long term. I’ll see if there are any natural antibiotic alternatives. Thanks. 🙂

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  2. It can be a curse, but it’s great in an autumn wood which has so many wonderful smells, or at the beach, ditto, and I can tell if I’m going to like the coffee in a cafe just by standing in the doorway and breathing! Also, with a heightened sense of smell comes a heightened sense of taste: I once won a magnum of champagne because I could pick out all the individual herbs and spices in a restaurant meal.

    I have to wear glasses too, for both distance and reading but not mid-range, so I seem always to be taking them off and/or swapping them round. If I had the money I’d get laser eye treatment and have my lenses replaced.


  3. My nose has long been too damaged through recreational use to be discriminating, but I always enjoy taking deep nose-breaths of the delicious carcinogenic smell of molten tar.


  4. Creosote on wooden fences in summer – this smell takes me back to being child again. I hadn’t smelt it for ages and then this summer my neighbour painted her fences with it.
    I bought Lady Million perfume – it’s tacky, but I love it because it reminds me of the 1980s every time I use it. I don’t care if it’s tacky,.
    Merry Christmas, m’dear!


    1. I love the smell of creosote too, everyone used it when I was growing up.
      I don’t know Lady Million perfume, I’ll have to search it out. Dave gave me a bottle of Mon Guerlain for Christmas, it reminds me of the bubble baths we used to get from Woolworth’s as kids! Hope you had a marvellous Christmas, XXX


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