Literature Ambassador: Countdown to Wigtown

Two days to go till the Wigtown Book Festival begins; here’s some more from the festival team about what’s going on this year, and it looks fab. Tickets are selling fast, out in some cases, so if something takes your fancy book it now!

Memories are made of this

Truth really is sometimes stranger than fiction as this year’s Wigtown Book Festival (22 Sept to 1 Oct) proves. This year, Andrew O’Hagan reveals the weird world of Julian Assange, while Miranda Doyle explains why she insisted on seeing her father’s brain after he died.
The Incredible String Band’s Mike Heron tells how he inspired the Beatles from 1960s Edinburgh; Angus Roxburgh recalls being cursed by a Siberian shaman; Bella Bathurst recounts how she lost and found her hearing; and Cathy Rentzenbrink talks about how she
healed after her brother’s death.

And that’s just the first Saturday. Join us for some lives less ordinary.
The Festival Team



Cathy Rentzenbrink

A Manual for Heartache

Sat 23 Sept – 1:30pm



Miranda Doyle

A Book of Untruths

Sat 30 Sept – 3pm


Mike Heron

You Know What You Could Be: Tuning into the 1960s

Sat 23 Sept – 6pm


Angus Roxburgh

Moscow Calling

Sun 24 Sept – 10:30am


Bella Bathurst


Sat 23 Sept – 3pm



Andrew O’Hagan

The Secret Life

Sun 24 Sept – 3pm

Meet the Neighbours

We’re looking outwards this year at our European neighbours. From President Macron, to how Brexit is seen abroad, and what the German elections mean for us, we’ve brought together some of the continent’s best commentators. Please click on the links below for more details or to book.


The New French Revolution

Sat 23 Sept – 3pm


Brexit: The View from Europe

Sun 24 Sept – 12 Noon


Where Germany Leads

Sat 30 Sept – 1:30pm

Focus On… Sweetpea Slight

Sweetpea Slight wanted to be an actress. But, aged 18, she met the legendary eccentric and theatrical agent Thelma Holt, a woman the producer Bill Kenwright once described as “Einstein
crossed with Bugs Bunny”. Cancelling Slight’s drama audition, Holt employed her as an assistant. What followed was a uniquely theatrical education as she learnt to hold her own in a world of giant-sized egos and non-stop emergencies. She talks about her funny and delightfully gossipy memoir on Monday 25 Sept. To book, click here.

A Little Light Relief…

Are you a failure? Have you ever worried about being in one? Don’t pretend you haven’t!
Anthony McGowan talks to Peggy Hughes about the art of failure, the title of his brilliantly funny
new book, on Sunday 24 September. It’s a must-see event for anyone who has ever felt like an underdog (or simply wants to gloat). To find out more, or book, click here

For the full Wigtown Book Festival programme, go to, where you will also find a downloadable pdf.

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