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Literature Ambassador: Mysteriously Yours

Crime writing seems to be big business these days, not just when it comes to selling books, but when it comes to writing them too. There are conventions, events, and crime writing workshops popping up all over, and two out of three debut book launches I hear about are in that genre. There’s even a group for writers with criminal intent in the tiny town I live in. I can’t work out why it’s so popular, but I’m happy to support any type of writing as long as it’s well wrought. So…

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If you are interested in honing your skills as a writer of thrillers the Mystery Weekend in Wigtown, south west Scotland is for you.  It runs from 23rd to 25th June and features five leading thriller/crime/mystery writers: Matt Hilton, Mari Hannah, Mike Craven, Peter Bartram and Jackie Baldwin. There are talks aimed at writers:  How to write a mystery with Jackie, Writers Inspiration with Mari and Road to Publication with Mike. Tickets for most talks are £7 but there is also a Saturday ticket and one for the whole weekend (though these don’t include the meet the author breakfast, dinner or cocktail party that are part of the programme).

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*featured image: Bruce Rolff, Shutterstock.

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