Moffat, Scotland, from Gallow Hill

Non Titolo

It’s as hot as a Gaucho’s armpit at the moment. Which is rare in Scotland, so when it happens I want to immerse myself in it. Hence my silence. I’ve been out playing in the elements with the old camera my brother gave me at the start of April. A Nikon D70s, it’s not the kind of camera someone who calls themself a photographer would deign to pick up, but I don’t deign. I think of myself as more of an explorer than anything, and am delighted to be in a position to explore through the lens of this newly acquired toy; especially as I have more chance of being consumed by ants than of possessing the kind of camera the average semi-pro would deem worthy of his touch.

Here are some initial findings:

These Small Explosions
Lichen on a tree at Kelburn Castle.
Reciprocal Arrangement
A rather magnificent (cherry?) tree, also at Kelburn Castle.
Pod in the Dark
A sculpture at, yes, the castle at Kelburn.
Continuous Growth
The door to the polytunnel that’s birthing my tomatoes.
Moffat, Scotland, from Gallow Hill
The town in which I live.


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