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It’s quite delightful to be back in Blogopolis again. Over the last five years I’ve ranged around all number of other social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Pinterest…) and enjoyed all of them to various degrees, so blogging receded to a distant memory. Returning and finding many of my old friends still here has been a joy. This morning as I read a few of those old friends’ posts I found many of them sharing pictures of their bookshelves. How could I not join in?

Bookcase to the right of me.

Bookcase to the left.

Shelf of current reading up above my head.

These photos are all of my tiny workspace between the two upstairs rooms. The room to the right we sleep in, the other is full of guitars and other musical equipment. There are bookcases in all the other rooms, too, including the bathroom. But this is enough for now. Should you crave more bookish posts here are the three that inspired me to do this: Dinah; Scarls and Mago.

I did have a serious post planned for today, on time management, but I have allowed myself to be distracted. Ironic? Ha!

12 thoughts on “Return 

  1. Hi, Eryl! So Blogland enticed you back again! Aren’t well-stuffed bookshelves a wonderful sight? Homes without books are quite unnerving. I shall have to take some photos of my own well-stuffed bookshelves….


    1. Hello Nick! It has, it’s cosier than Twitter and Instagram, and less invasive than Facebook.

      Do take photos of your own shelves, and I’ll come and take a look when I have a minute.


  2. Somehow, for the times we live in, blogging feels like sanctuary! And I like your book enclosed sanctuary a lot! I’m also admiring the pattern on the corner of your desk… it all looks so loved and lived in. Welcome back!!


    1. It does, I can’t cope with Twitter and Facebook at the moment, blogging feels much calmer.

      I bought the desk in a charity shop complete with pattern, and have been delighted with it ever since.

      Lovely to be back! X


    1. Order? I want to see a photo of your shelves! My untidiness drives me insane.

      I assume the pattern is stamped, but I bought the desk like this.


  3. Welcome back! From time to time I log out of Farcebook, but find I need to pop back as it’s the major comms. line for some of the print community.
    But I steer clear of politics on all platforms.
    I had a Tennyson moment when I read your captions! 🙂 Your desk space looks about as tiny as mine.


    1. Thank you! I will still look at FB most days, very briefly, because it’s where my family and most friends lurk. Tennyson? How interesting, I’ve been teaching basic poetic form, currently how to liven up iambic pentameter (with substitutions, weak endings,caesura et al.), and Dave was playing rock guitar in the room next door while I was writing the post, so some odd transformation must have occurred!

      It’s a pretty small space, I often fantasize about having a whole room!


  4. Okay, I finally bookmarked your new URL. Thanks for posting in my comments. I tried finding it on my own but couldn’t I’m too technologically inept.

    Also not very good with iambic pentameter, either. This, despite having sat through dozens of Shakespeare plays. Don’t bother trying to explain. Many have tried. I’ll grasp it one day. I hope.


    1. No one really needs a grasp of iambic pentameter, but if you ever stumble upon Stephen Fry’s book The Ode Less Traveled you’ll have it in minutes.

      Lovely to see you in my new web home.


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