Bugle Call

Can you hear it? You may have to squint, but the bugle calls for the small victory of finally mapping my domain name to this site. You are now on erylshields.com rather than the rather grim sounding erylshieldsink.wordpress.com. I knew it would happen eventually, I was just worried about when. As it stands I only lost two days of website cover – my Wix site terminated on Monday – so it wasn’t that bad. Even my world hasn’t ended.

So, now I can get back to making pictures, I have so many ideas, and the light’s beginning to come back which fuels them further. It lingers for a little longer each day and shines on things in interesting ways. Its colour changes, sometimes buttery, sometimes pinkish, along with the pewter tones of winter which are becoming bluer. This year I want to concentrate on capturing the qualities of different light, the way Turner did in his paintings, which means I’ll be out with my camera and notebook as often as possible.

Hip hip…

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