Waiting for Confirmation…

from your current provider. I’m not terribly good at waiting, on the whole, and I seem to be doing it a lot recently. At the moment I’m waiting for my current domain name registrar to confirm something or other in order for the transfer to happen. What they need to confirm I have no idea, but they’re taking their time. Before that I was waiting for confirmation of registrant and admin contact emails, or rather I was waiting for the new registrar to email me so I could confirm them. I wonder what I’ll have to wait for next? All I want is to attach my domain name to this site, I suppose it’s more complicated than that sounds.

As I wait I get on with small jobs I’ve hitherto put off. Mostly going through old images, processing or discarding any that were missed first time around, and filing them in what I hope is a better way. I’m currently fiddling with a shot of an oak tree that’s just come into leaf, from 2013. I remember seeing this tree for the first time, and feeling driven to capture its wowness. I walked all round it, examined it up close, walked away, lay on the ground at its feet, before finally deciding on the angle I wanted and taking out my camera. I came home with four shots, immediately liked this one best, but didn’t quite know what to do with it. I did process it, but then just left it to languish until now. I still like it, in fact I re-experienced something of that feeling of being wowed when I stumbled on it again yesterday, so maybe I don’t need to do anything more to it?  However, unable to let it be I made a black and white version which I may like better.

Now to get back to waiting…

The Trees Will Outlive Us All


    • Thanks, Stephanie – ideally I’d get huge prints made of each and pin them to the wall of my workspace so I could look at them regularly enough to become intimate with them. That’s the best way for me to make considered decisions, the computer screen just doesn’t tell me enough.


    • I’ve missed my blog friends, so I’m hoping I’ve created enough space in my timetable (I constantly rewrite my timetable!) to include a little blog hopping. X

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